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This Is The Worst Time For The Washer To Die

Well, as the fall approaches, we’re about to need to do a lot more washing and drying for all kinds of seasonal clothing… This means that now is the time to think seriously about your clothing dryer’s maintenance and wellbeing… While researching we discovered an untrue rumor circulating the internet, and a fabric risk that’s true regarding both dryer sheets and fabric softeners.

What is the Lifespan of your Refrigerator?

Refrigerators may look all solid and stand tall, but it is quite often when they either malfunction or break, whatever the brand of it is. So, the question is for how long does you fridge stand in your kitchen by now? Are you unsure how much longer you can expect it to last? Learn the typical refrigerator usage cycle so you can either do a preventive maintenance or do a timely replacement!

Industry News

Preventing Funny Smells in Your Fridge

Yeah, the issue of funny smells and even some resiliently bad odors coming out of an old fridge is a thing we all may relate to, right? Have you ever opened your refrigerator door only to be assaulted by a stinky waft of refrigerated air? The saddest part is that while some people might be thinking that the cold temperature inside is somehow meant to fight the smell, this is simply not the case…

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