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Ryan Banies

Just as the fall season of cleaning, washing and laundering began, my washer went out of order immediately… On par with a malfunctioning dryer, this was a very unfortunate and inconvenient situation. Luckily I’ve been this company’s customer previously, so I applied my 10% discount and they’ve fixed it all!

Ted Christiansen

I am a huge coffee junkie… I simply cannot make sense of the morning without a good hot cup of java! So when my Italian coffee making machine broke, I was literally desperate. Thankfully, on yellow pages, I’ve found this home appliance repairing center, so I called them in and they’ve made me a happy man again!

John Vattiano

Having my air conditioner malfunctioning right in the middle of the hottest summer in my memory was a real tragedy. Thank God I was able to find a home appliance repair company that doesn’t just fix things right away, but also the one with awesome, affordable pricing in place!