About us

About us

Suncoast Metals LLC is a full service scrap recycling company based in Sarasota, Florida, established in 2002, Suncoast Metals buys and sells scrap metal(s) and recycling products, working with both contractors / commercial clients as well as with individual consumers.
Known for excellent customer service and superior integrity, Suncoast Metals continues to work to expand services & products to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our customers.

We are very conscious of protecting nature and the environment. Suncoast Metals, LLC continually provides training for its staff on environmental procedures. We follow the proper guidelines of Health Administration (OSHA) and the Institute of Scrap Metal Recyclers (ISRI). This international organization for standardization certifies us as ISO 14001 compliant.

Our mission is to provide each and every customer with the simplest and most rewarding scrap recycling experience possible, from the time they make their first phone call all the way through receipt of payment. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of customer service.

Suncoast Metals has two locations for your convenience Sarasota & North Port (click HERE for location details & maps). Please contact our office(s) today to find out more about the services we have to offer. WE look forward to working with you in the near future!

Scrap Metal Facts

Recycling is an important ‘helping hand’ to protect our environment while simultaneously offering a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash for your efforts! Below are a few facts about scrap metal recycling.

  • Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to run a 100-watt bulb for 20hrs, a computer for 3hrs or a TV for 2hrs.
  • The steel industry saves enough energy in one year to electrically power 18 million homes for a year.
  • It takes an entire tree to make a typical wood pole; one scrap car produces more than four steel poles.
  • The average American throws out about 651lbs of tin cans every month.
  • Americans throw away enough aluminum every month to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet.
  • The 36 billion aluminum cans that were land filled last year had a scrap value of more than $600 million dollars!