As a prominent metal scrap wholesaler, exporter and recycler, we accept a variety of scrap materials for your convenience. Contact us to inquire about your specific needs. We offer competitive pricing and platinum service. Our purpose is to be your primary and only call.

We recycle a variety of materials–a summary of which is shown below.  Combine this with either walk-in/dropoff service or our commercial pickup service and a convenient weigh & pay option, and your recycling is truly hassle-free.


Recycled metals are the way toward changing over waste metals into new metals. Recycling can prevent the waste of useful materials and reduce the consumption of raw materials. We accept a variety of metals for recycling like Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and more. Some metals are 100% recyclable such as Stainless steel, Copper.


Battery recycling is a reusing action that means to decrease wastage. We accept different types of batteries. Some batteries are recovered more promptly than others, such as lead–acid batteries (nearly 90%). Some others recycled batteries are Alkaline, Lithium Ion, Nickel-Cadmium, Nickel Lithium Batteries, Mercury Batteries, Zinc-Carbon.


We accept all varieties of radiators. Radiators are warm exchangers used to exchange heat vitality starting with one medium then onto the next to cool and to warm. The more significant part of radiators is built to work in vehicles and electronics. Radiators are an essential part of cars, trucks and other vehicle and automobiles.


We accept all types of electric motors. Electric motor recycling is now more accessible and very beneficial. Suncoast Metals offer the maximum percentage of recycled materials. Electric Motors are available in the maximum number of electronics machines like vacuums, computers, ceiling fans, air conditioners, and more.

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